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How to protect yourself while shopping online?

I stumbled upon an Arabic article about how to protect yourself while shopping online, so I thought I’d share it hoping it would benefit you:
  1. It is important to keep your anti-virus software updated at all time (not just for e-shopping).
  2. Ensure that those sites which you’re buying from are secured (certified in security) and/or well known. Don’t shop from suspicious or unknown websites.
  3. Allocate a special credit card (preferably only one) for online shopping only.
  4. During shopping online, use encrypted protocol and make sure the site address (URL) starts with HTTPS:// rather than the common HTTP://.
  5. Know your privacy by reading the Privacy Policy provided by the site to know how your submitted
    information will be dealt with.
  6. Always keep a record of your purchase and compare it with your account statement to notify the bank in the event of error.

As a side note, from my own point of view, always purchase
inexpensive items from the site you wish to buy from just to test their
credibility and test their products’ quality.

Happy online shopping!