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Hire Me!!

I’m charging projects according to its length & difficulty. Here is a list of what I offer and their prices:

  • Basic WordPress Install ($25.00)

This includes a basic install of the most recent version of WordPress. I will install it on your server. This includes setting up a database, installing, and making sure all is well. Includes 4 months of support.

  • WordPress Install + Plugins ($30.00)

This includes the ‘Basic WordPress Install’ package, but I will also install & setup any plugins you wish (up to a maximum of 3).

  • WordPress Install + Theme ($30.00)

This includes the ‘Basic WordPress Install’ package, but I will also install & setup one pre-purchased or free theme.

  • WordPress Install + Theme/Plugins  ($35.00)

This package is a combination of the ‘Basic WordPress Install’, the ‘WordPress Install + Plugins’ & ‘WordPress Install + theme’ packages.

  • Other WordPress Related Jobs ($25.00 +)

All other WordPress related jobs will be priced on request. Price shown is the minimum quote.

  • Non-WordPress Related Jobs ($30.00 +)

I also do projects not related to WordPress, like online forms (in .NET or PHP) or basic HTML & CSS websites. Quotes will be given on request, minimum is shown.



  1. Deposit of 50% must be paid prior to working on the project (the deposit amount will be discounted from the total amount).
  2. Deposits are non-refundable unless the work/job can’t be completed (this does not include client indecision, if the work outlined is completed then the deposit will be kept & payment will be due).
  3. Can accept cash or online payment via PayPal.


Please Note: I do not provide design services.


Abdulrahman AlDosary

Hi there,
Just noticed you in twitter, I have some knowledge in programming but I’m definitely a bad designer (css doesn’t make sense at all :))

So, just wanted to touch base cause I might need your service in the future.

Couple of questions,
1- Your WP customization is awesome, but do you do other things? (drupal and/or joomla)
2- Do you do graphic design (logos/buttons/etc).

One final question, have you worked with jQuery?

Thanks and wish you the best.


Hi Abdulrahman,

Sorry for the late response as my site is attracting a lot of spam!

1. I’m mainly focused on web development (mostly .NET C#), but I have friends who can design. I have a good background of HTML & CSS. I have tried drupal and joomla, but since I didn’t have major content to implement them, both made no sense to me! I really should work on that :p
2. Not much really, but again, my friends do. To be honest, one of my friends actually bought this website design as a gift for me when I launched the site. I have practiced however to implement other designs into WP (i.e. slicing the design image into something compatible with WP).

I worked with jQuery in a very simple way few months back.

Thank you for your time, and I hope this was helpful 🙂