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Projects Portfolio

July 2009: Development of eConf3 website and online registration system.

In preparations for the 3rd eConference, I was hired to work in the center (Zain eLearning Center) at UOB (University of Bahrain) as a developer.

My first project was to develop an online registration system to automate most of the registration processes. There is a form for initial registration, afterwards, the registration team would accept or reject those participants. Depending on the previously taken action, a user account would be created enabling the participants (be it speakers or attendees) to add and edit their information (personal details, paper details -for speakers only, visa details… etc).

The system was a success that it was asked to be used for an another conference: The First Gulf Conference on Scientific Research.


Below are sample images of the mentioned system.



July 2010: Development of an online eCourses Application.

The eCourses Website is a multilingual built from scratch specific Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application for the sake of serving instructors and faculty staff by easily submitting a few clicks for their issues and need of assistance by the fellow designers. The back-end of e-Courses is a simple and straight forward desktop-like platform to ensure utter perfection by the helping designer with their tasks. In the sense of: Handling the given tasks by the coordinator, observing the process of the tasks as well as following up with any previous tasks for reference.

The e-Courses Application helps to quicken and ease the requests process, for both of the instructors and the faculty staff by just filling a form online. Later on, the instructors will be able to keep track with their e-Courses and their corresponding designer.

As for the designers, it helps them to keep in track with their e-courses. The designer’s home screen will list all of their current e-courses.

Plus, they can follow up with their current e-courses’ status and search for anything related to e-courses or instructors.

The coordinator on the other hand, which is given the “Super Admin” account, will take those new requests and distribute them to the appropriate designer. Also, he/she is responsible for cancelling or reassigning the e-course from one designer to another, and handling other options like adding extra e-courses.

Other functions which are handled by t he coordinator are: adding a designer account, or editing and deleting an existing designer account.

One major benefit for the coordinator is the statistics section. This section gives accurate and fast results to what is needed to know. Examples of such solutions:

  • Number of current e-courses per semester, or academic year, or even the number of all applied e-courses.
  • Number of instructors who applied for e-courses.
  • Number of requested e-courses.
  • Number of e-courses or instructors from different colleges and departments.
  • Number of e-courses at certain or specific e-Learning platforms.
  • The language which is used, either Arabic or English.


(Sample images of the mentioned system: coming soon.)