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Day one

We left the house at around 14:50, arrived “Bahrain International Airport” at 15:40, almost on time. Our plane was set to depart at 17:30, but gotten delayed and departed at around 17:50. This is because it was “Maghreb” prayer time and the praying room was very small and crowded, thus, a lot of people didn’t board the plane on time.

We arrived to “Jeddah Airport” at around 20:10. We waited for around 10 minutes for the plane to park, another 20 minutes waiting for passport check in. We were done at around20:40.

At 22:30 we got in to the bus waiting to be taken to the hotel. At 22:50 the bus took off and we arrived to the hotel at 00:50. We settled in and rested a bit; found our luggage already set in our rooms (very well organized part from al-Tawheed Hajj services and Umrah as we didn’t have to wait for them at the airport since they were sent by land a week prior to our travelling date!).

It’s almost 1 am now, and we were notified to be prepared to start “Umrah” rites (manasik), therefore, we got in the bus again at 01:50. We arrived to the Kaaba and started Tawaf al-Qudoom (“arrival tawaf”) at around 02:45.

Since it was very crowded, we obviously had to split up, so I ended up pairing with my brother. At 04:00 we finished the Tawaf, by then it was time for the first Fajer azan, so until I try to leave the crowd and look for a place to pray the 2 Rakaʿahs after the Tawaf, I met the rest of my family to start Sa’y (going back and forth between the two hills of As-Safaa and Al-Marwaa). After Fajer prayer, at around 05:40 we started the Sa’y, as we finished and got in the bus, it was around 07:00. 30 minutes later, we arrived to the hotel and went to eat breakfast. At around 08:30 we went to sleep (mind you that the day we went to travel I woke up at 8:30, and until I finished the Umrah rites, I did not have any sleep!).