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Day 5 (6th Nov.)

0025: woke up
0040: went to collect jamrat
0200: left muzdalifa
0310: got in bus to alharam to finish the rest of the manasik.
0400: started tawaf alifadha then alsaie at around 0545.
0700: finished the manasik
0800: We waited for the buses for a long time with no show. For some reason, our buses weren’t allowed to enter. Therefore, we took a taxi back to our hotel (we heard the buses entered at around 9 am).
0920: Finally bach and at our room.
1415: woke up. It’s first day of eid.
1600: lunch and greeting the other hajjiyat!
2145: got into the bus and moved to train station (Muzdalifa 2) to take us to muna for jamrat (Muna 3 – jamrat)
2240: arrived to Muna 3 station.
2300: arrived to where we were supposed to throw the jamrat.
(it took us around 20 minutes walking from the train station to muna and vise versa)
0015: arrived tent after around 40 minutes of walking from the train station.