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Work hold-ups

Last Thursday (11th August) I had to contact IT department regarding domain name transfer from the old server to a new one. My main contact was one of the heads of the IT center.

He said he can only transfer the IP address without changing the physical path. To complete the full process I have to wait for an another guy, which is supposed to come back from his vacation the following Sunday (and there is no one else who can solve this in his place).

So,  patiently, I waited for Sunday through the weekend. Thankfully, the guy came back and he was very responsive when I contacted him. Eventually, I got the complete response the following Thursday (yesterday), saying that this cannot be done this week. Note that that Thursday was the last working day as we were froced to take our annual leave from 21st to 31st August (last 10 days of Ramadan).

So, now I’m stuck without an update for the site and facing constant insistence from my supervisor to complete that website as we face a long vacation afterwards. So, instead of pointing fingers without anything to be solved, I decided to use the old server by replacing the old design of the website to the new one. As simple as that!

The good side is that I get to work 1 hour overtime which means extra $!!!
The bad side is that I’m not sure how professional it looks like, though the director did mention he didn’t care even if the registration was plain white page with black text, since this what matters the most with the website!

I’m really proud that I came up with the replacing idea (thanks to khawater 7 by Ahmed Al-Shugairi *), yet frustrated that I didn’t think of this earlier >.<

Anyways, take a look: and tell me what you think!!