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Post-Banicon (thanks)

Hello everyone ūüôā

How are you guys after yesterday’s madness? I know and the¬†rest of the organizers/volunteers are beat and most likely sleeping all day!

First of all, I’d like to express my gratitude to¬†“Whisper’s Corner” for sponsoring the event, if it wasn’t for them, this wouldn’t happen.

Second of all, I’d like to give a big thanks to my friends¬†who came all the way from KSA just to sponsor our gaming section; V7 guys (Voltage¬†7)!¬†Thanks guys, I really wish you guys the best of luck <3

Also, I’d like to thank the people from MEFCC for their¬†support and appearance. You guys better attend their event later this year!¬†You’ll miss a lot if you don’t!

Thank you Mr. Qais for attending and sharing your wonderful¬†experience, also wishing you best of luck! P.S. Can’t wait to read vol. 2 of¬†“Gold Ring” ūüėČ

Thanks to Mr. Baraa for throwing his voice out, thanks to Mr. Yacoub for his time, thanks to Al-Jawhara people for their awesome manga whishing them the best of luck in their project!

A special thanks go to the organizers and volunteers who did this with me just to make my dream come true, and they wished nothing in return! Thank you Ahmed Al-Kooheji, Isa Al-Shamsi, Mohammed Ahmed, Khalid Ismaeel, Marwan Al-Zahrani; Thank you¬†Essa Al-Seesi,¬†Rashid Al-Buainain,¬†Rashid Al-Sulaity,¬†Yasmeen Al-Sinan,¬†Nadeine Al-Maskati,¬†Mishal Nassim,¬†Abdulrahman Farooq,¬†Omar Alireza,¬†Akbar Khan,¬†Ebrahim Al-Khan, Omar Al-Shomily, Mohammed Isa, Ahmed Ali, Mohammed Abdulhameed¬†ūüôā Love you guys <3

Last but not least, a huge shout out to you guys.. for¬†everyone who attended, from people who¬†traveled¬†all the way from Kuwait,¬†Qatar, UAE & KSA, especially those who were stuck at traffic at King Fahad¬†bridge for hours, and to those who attended no matter what. If it¬†wasn’t¬†for¬†you guys as well, this thing would fall down. Thank you very much.

Though we faced some technical problems with the networking for the¬†PS3s and the schedule got messed up somehow, it was a nice experience and I learned a lot from it ūüôā And personally, I think it went well for a first event! Especially that we were individuals, without any event management background!

Now, I don’t claim perfection, but we learn from our¬†mistakes. This is all what life is about. You don‚Äôt expect it to go as you wish or as planned. Something somewhere will fall and break, and you‚Äôll have to find¬†either a solution or a back-up plan, or else, you’ll have to cope with it.

As some of you know, my real objective of Banicon was to¬†introduce anime conventions to Bahrain, as promised 4 years ago. And I kept¬†postponing the event one year after the other as I kept getting stuck in the¬†middle due to some governmental issues. Until I met the right people that were¬†meant to help me with this ūüôā

Though, I wanted everyone to have fun and enjoy it, the fact is, it is¬†difficult (actually, impossible!) to please everyone. And I‚Äôm still not sure¬†100% that I‚Äôd do Banicon again, I mean, c‚Äômon! I just finished from the first¬†yesterday! ūüėõ But if I got enough support and resources, I might ūüėČ (no promises¬†though!) Besides, I just finished from the first, so don’t even ask about the¬†2nd xD (now I know how mothers with new born baby feel when they‚Äôre asked to ‚Äėbring‚Äô¬†a sibling to the baby!!!!).

I really don‚Äôt know what else to say, all of this was a very¬†interesting -yet tiring!- experience. It was overwhelming. I like to see¬†people have smiles on their faces. I want everyone to be happy. So, I apologize¬†for anything that upset you in the event, and I hope I can compensate at the¬†next ‚Äď if there was one ;P

Take care and have a nice day! *^-^*