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Day 7

Day 7: (7/11)

2135: bus moved to train station (Muzdalifa 3)
2200: arrived station
2230: arrived to Mina 3 (Aljamarat)
2345: arrived Mina 2 (where we are supposed to sleep at)
0015: arrived to our tent
0155: gonna try to sleep before we leave
0345: woke up
0400: moved back to the station to get into the bus.
0425: arrived station
0435: arrived muzdalifa 3
0444: at the bus in our way back.
0500: at home
0530: fajer prayer in group then breakfast.
0630: good nigh-.. Morning!?

Day 6

Day 6: (7/11)

0015: arrived tent after 30-40 minutes of walking
0105: ready to sleep as we were notified that we will be leaving at 0345.
0330: woke up
0400: left tent then walked to the train station
0430: got into train (was supposed to get out at muzdalifa 2, but went to 3, apparently train isn’t stopping at 2 as scheduled)
{Arafat 1 . Arafat 2 . Arafat 3 . Muzdalifa 1 . Muzdalifa 2 . Muzdalifa Muzdalifa 3 . Mina 1 . Mina 2 . Mina Mina 3 (jamrat) }
0455: bus started to go back to the hotel
0510: arrived to our hotel
0600: went to eat breakfast after fajer prayer
0645: in bed.. Good nigh-.. Morning!!

Day 5 (6th Nov.)

0025: woke up
0040: went to collect jamrat
0200: left muzdalifa
0310: got in bus to alharam to finish the rest of the manasik.
0400: started tawaf alifadha then alsaie at around 0545.
0700: finished the manasik
0800: We waited for the buses for a long time with no show. For some reason, our buses weren’t allowed to enter. Therefore, we took a taxi back to our hotel (we heard the buses entered at around 9 am).
0920: Finally bach and at our room.
1415: woke up. It’s first day of eid.
1600: lunch and greeting the other hajjiyat!
2145: got into the bus and moved to train station (Muzdalifa 2) to take us to muna for jamrat (Muna 3 – jamrat)
2240: arrived to Muna 3 station.
2300: arrived to where we were supposed to throw the jamrat.
(it took us around 20 minutes walking from the train station to muna and vise versa)
0015: arrived tent after around 40 minutes of walking from the train station.

Day four

Today is the real deal. We woke up at 03:30, getting ready to go to Arafat. The bus moved around 0415, and we arrived 20 minutes later. At 05:20 we prayed Fajer prayer then we settled down and wasted some time until we sleep. Then, an hour later, at around 06:20 we ate breakfast and went to sleep.

At around 09:30 I woke up and ate breakfast again!

At 12:05 we had a speech until its 13:00, which was prayer time. We had to pray Dhuhr and Asr in advance (so that we can be free for duaa for the rest of the day).

Now, it is 16:30 and it is the last hour for duaa and I’m praying for everyone J

At 17:30 we left our Arafat tent to go to the train station to go to Muzdalifah. At 21:00 we finally got in to the train after waiting in line with the crowd for over 3:30 hours!

At 21:35 we arrived to our tent at Muzdalifah. We rested and ate dinner, and then we slept. We woke up at around 00:25, then we went to collect jamarat for “stoning of the jamarat” (Stoning of the Devil). Later, we left Muzdalifah at 02:00. We got into the train to take us back to Mina 2 station to take the bus to go to al-Haram to finish the rest of the rites (manasik). At 03:10 we got in the bus, and started Tawaf Ifadah at 04:00, and then Sa’y at around 05:45.

At around 07:00, we finished the manasik and went to where the buses stationed. We waited for the buses for a long time with no show. For some reason, our buses weren’t allowed to enter. Therefore, we took a taxi back to our hotel (we heard the buses entered at around 9 am).

Finally, we arrived to our room at 09:20.

Day one

We left the house at around 14:50, arrived “Bahrain International Airport” at 15:40, almost on time. Our plane was set to depart at 17:30, but gotten delayed and departed at around 17:50. This is because it was “Maghreb” prayer time and the praying room was very small and crowded, thus, a lot of people didn’t board the plane on time.

We arrived to “Jeddah Airport” at around 20:10. We waited for around 10 minutes for the plane to park, another 20 minutes waiting for passport check in. We were done at around20:40.

At 22:30 we got in to the bus waiting to be taken to the hotel. At 22:50 the bus took off and we arrived to the hotel at 00:50. We settled in and rested a bit; found our luggage already set in our rooms (very well organized part from al-Tawheed Hajj services and Umrah as we didn’t have to wait for them at the airport since they were sent by land a week prior to our travelling date!).

It’s almost 1 am now, and we were notified to be prepared to start “Umrah” rites (manasik), therefore, we got in the bus again at 01:50. We arrived to the Kaaba and started Tawaf al-Qudoom (“arrival tawaf”) at around 02:45.

Since it was very crowded, we obviously had to split up, so I ended up pairing with my brother. At 04:00 we finished the Tawaf, by then it was time for the first Fajer azan, so until I try to leave the crowd and look for a place to pray the 2 Rakaʿahs after the Tawaf, I met the rest of my family to start Sa’y (going back and forth between the two hills of As-Safaa and Al-Marwaa). After Fajer prayer, at around 05:40 we started the Sa’y, as we finished and got in the bus, it was around 07:00. 30 minutes later, we arrived to the hotel and went to eat breakfast. At around 08:30 we went to sleep (mind you that the day we went to travel I woke up at 8:30, and until I finished the Umrah rites, I did not have any sleep!).