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New Skateboarding!

25th September, 2010. Part of my London trip, I went to Hyde Park. I saw some guys using weird skateboards.. basically, they weren’t boards! I loved the new idea. Though it could be old or not that new, I’m not really up to date with these things, but it was certainly interesting and fun to take pictures of!

Back to work.. for an hour..!!

So.. I went to work (UOB) today to update some ‘critical’ information in the application I was working on. With the recent incident in the university, no one is to go there, except those with special permits.

This incident, if no one knew about it already, featured some vandalisms who attacked the university on Sunday, 13 March, 2011. Thankfully, I was on sick-leave on that day due to cold and a sore throat. Therefore, the university closed its doors, no students, no faculty and no staff to undergo investigations.
I’ve been stuck at home with nothing to do for two weeks until things got better and stable and was finally able to go out and enjoy my ‘open vacation’. Now, don’t get me wrong, it is indeed fun enjoying my free vacation, but it still hurts for what happened there.
People were hurt and injured badly. Sectarianism increased rapidly. Buildings were vandalized. Windows were broken. Cars were smashed. Trust was destroyed. Study was postponed until further notice (I worry for those who were supposed to graduate this semester :().
Back to original topic, as I went back to my office, I had a time limit to work only for an hour. I wasn’t worried as the update I needed to do would take me 5-10 minutes max. Sadly, I messed up the system as “Query Strings” were involved.
I’m not sure if I did mess it up or it was originally messed up and I just found out about it, but bottom line, the site now looks exactly the same with nothing edited :p I basically went there for nothing!
It really annoys me when something is working perfectly on your local machine, but it’s all f-ed up online.. especially when it has something to do with the path.. I hate fixing different versions of the path, one for local and one for online.. ugh..
Anyways, I took a copy of my application hoping I’d be able to install .NET on my personal laptop and work this shit out 🙂

Love is..

I stumbled upon an interesting article, talking about “love”. Now, how many of you wanted to know if they were in love or not? Maybe it was just physical attraction? Or at least just a simple crush? Well, here is the interesting answer 🙂

“I thought necessary for some reason today to write about love. Many say that love is blind. Many say that love is painful, that he or she that loves gives everything up for the loved one and cries for the loved one. Others believe in a more passionate kind of love, with a lot of physical attraction and sex. Love may also become something you’re used to or settle for. But in reality, what is love? What is it? Is it this which I have described? Every couple is different. It would be difficult to identify who is in love for real. There is no definition or certainty. If there was, divorce wouldn’t exist. I ask myself, what is love?
In my life, I have experienced several kinds of love, but for a period of time I thought that I only loved when I suffered. Now I feel so different. I think that you only love once, and that is when you find the right person. Most of us settle with less than what we need or deserve. I have dreamt a thousand times of the man I want to be with. Only pieces of him have been granted to me. Every single relationship I’ve had has something my dream man has. It’s sort of like someone who needs a good Dominican meal. You need rice, beans, meat, salad and fried plantains. I have had each separately and I’m never full. I’m starving, hahaha. I think that love more than anything should be easy, it should come easy, without a lot of effort, without having to work hard to please the significant other, or make them think that we are what we are not. It’s necessary the interest and understanding of both parties, not have everything in common, but understand each other and have what the other needs in a partner. Maybe I should write a book about love. Too many thoughts come to mind that would take a long time to edit, and probably no one would want to read such an enormous speech. But in reality, can we really define love?”