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9 Reasons I’m Glad My Girlfriend is an Otaku

We have talked to guys who have – and feel lucky to have – otaku girlfriends. Here are their top nine reasons geeky girls rule:

  1. She accepts my crazy hobbies, too.
  2. She has a wide range of knowledge, so conversation is engaging.
  3. Her mood improves as long as she has a DVD of her favorite anime.
  4. Her taste in guys tends towards 2D characters, so I can relax.
  5. If I don’t know where we should go on a date, she’s satisfied with staying home together.
  6. She recommends her favorite shojo manga, so I can learn about a whole new world.
  7. We can save money and storage space because we’re into the same stuff.
  8. Since the way she expresses emotions is like manga, I can easily understand her feelings.
  9. We can revel in cosplay just the two of us with no other onlookers.

Boys, does this explain your search for a geeky girl or are they missing something crucial? Girls, is this a fair analysis? We await your opinions in the comments!


Source: Girl Sugoren via Otakomu